Today, we headed out on another city adventure.  We had some old bread and I took the kids out to the waters edge to feed the birds.  The cold has settled in as we turn towards the winter months and as most of the county is getting a layer of snow, it is now acceptable in San Francisco to wear a knit hat and a extra warm sweatshirt.  As we walked to the edge of the water in search of the right place to feed the birds, we stumbled on old VW Bus, granite pillars and a sandstone ramp.  Each of these objects provided entertainment and exploration for Strawberry Blonded and added to the excitement of the adventure.

Location:  The end of Yacht Road pass the St. Francis Yacht Club off Marina Greens 


Sweatshirts are the new trend and I have been stocking up for the entire family. I saw this sweatshirt at Crewcuts and it made me laugh and feel really old.  Luckily, I could still translate this shorthand (cheat sheet at the end of the post), but it did make me think about the future of language and technology and how it will effect my kids. The OMG sweatshirt paired with Strawberry Blonded’s  new wax coated jeans.  As an added bonus wax coated denim are really warm for the winter months and Strawberry Blonded likes the fact that they were a bit “shinny”.  Her hat is her new favorite hat and is fleece lined, I am really hoping that we don’t loose this one and scarf was a gift from a great online boutique called Persnickety.  The tag caught my attention because they donate a part of each purchase to a child in need.


Hat:  GAP Cable Knit Pom-Pom // Scarf:  Persenickety Eternity Scarf //Sweatshirt:  Crewcuts OMG Sweatshirt   //Jeans:  GAP Waxed Coated //Shoes: Glitter Ballet Flats


Just in case you need a bit of translation on the sweatshirt there is the quick guide:

OMG = Oh My God // LOL = Laugh Out Loud // XO = Hugs and Kisses // BFF = Best Friend Forever // BRB = Be Right Back //  NP = No Problem // IDK = I Don’t Know // YOLO = You Only Live Once // TTLY = Talk To You Later // :) = Happy Face