final_4Sangria is the perfect beverage for the summer.  It is refreshing and cold and can be made in large batches in advance. Sangria is the best for hot evening BBQ’s, poolside snacks or even an afternoon of entertaining.  Here are two receipts depending on if you have a red or white preference  – both are delicious, easy to prepare and bound to impress.


If you are looking for a lighter white option ‘white lighting’ is a refreshing white wine based alternative.  This one is my husbands favorite.  He has even leaned to master the receipt.


I am always on the hunt for the perfect sangria pitchers.  It is a great collection to start and I wanted to provide a bit of inspiration.  Personally, I like to see all of the fruit chucks in the pitcher, but the traditional sangria pitchers are also useful to have on hand for a different look.


Pitchers featured above:  // Waterford Vintage Round Pitcher   //  Handmade pitcher // Glass Weck Jar //

//Handmade Pitcher // Mason Jug //Le Creuset Stoneware//