Meet Jessica Ceresino, my best friend from college, the most stylish lady I know and the founder of the I met ‘little Jessie’ my freshman year of college and our first conversation was about the Seven Jeans she was rocking at the time. I asked her what brand had those thick embroidered detail on the pockets and the rest was history.

Coming from a small town and attending private school my whole life my wardrobe consisted of white collars, khaki bottoms and a soccer uniform. She introduced to the world of designer clothing and fashion, which in turn kick started my obsession with the fashion world and clothing. Looking back now, if I had never met her I may have not even worked in the retail industry!

amazing jessie

We both played on the University of Colorado soccer team and ended up lived together the rest of college. Not only was she one of the most witty and fun loving girls I had ever met, but her closet was gorgeous (just an added bonus), filled with stacks of the latest denim trends, fabulous sunglasses, colorful handbags, shiny jewelry and the best ‘going out’ tops an 18 year old girl could imagine. She was never shy to let any of the girls borrow her latest finds!

Cultivating the fact that she is the daughter to a professional football player makes her knowledge of sports vast. She knows stats about players, current team standings in all professional and college leagues, what an NFL cover schemes is (cause we all know I don’t!) and could most likely explain to you how the triangle offense works. Along with this her resume is stacked with an MBA in Sports Marketing at SDSU, has worked for ESPN in production, lived in NYC for 2 years and has now made her dreams a reality by starting With a catchy name and the motto “its more than just a game”, TheSportsBrat brings a fresh female perspective and insight into the daunting male centric world of sports.


She is currently living in Denver and I got a chance to visit with her the other day. I wasn’t surprised to find her looking effortlessly chic, so I asked to snap some photos of the fashionista, friend and entrepreneur Jessica Ceresino.