paint picture

I had a fun afternoon last week after school outside painting with my Mom! She was inspired to make some kinda of homemade street paint with food coloring, corn starch and water that I helped her mix up. We then headed outside in front of my house and painted animals.

gj sittingMom and Mia are all about animal printed anything and everything right now. They have been convincing me these leggings are the ‘bees knees’ since we got them back in August. While I do like them, I am not sure it warrants how many times they make it through my rotation of clothes lately. They told me the wear them with these sweet new quilted hi-tops from Zara (they have the best girls shoes!) and my button down for a dressed up sweatpants look. They told me that dressing up my sweats was another cool thing to do this Fall. I think they are cray cray!

Gj dance

gj feet details

Gap Printed Leggings bought in August // Gap Chambray Shirt // Zara Leather Detail Hi-Tops // Gap Cat Headband

GJ faces

 …I picked out my own headband by myself with the ears while shopping with Mia!…

Gj posing

 Oh and this paint washed off the ground really easy…I helped Mom with the clean up!

gj painting kneeling