Having two children on my own, while I am out on maternity leave has had moments of real frustration followed by overwhelming sense of accomplishment when both children smile at the same time.  This merry-go-round is a constant, moments of control followed only seconds later of total chaos.  I am finding that the chaos kicks up a notch after a long morning inside the apartment.  So I am always looking for outings, fresh air and a place to let Gjelina run wild. Ocean Beach seemed to be a great solution for a foggy morning.  I have always found the ocean breeze calming and living in San Francisco, foggy mornings are just part of what makes this city great. The landscape at Ocean Beach allows kids to kick off their shoes and run along the large sand beach while misty surf spray fills the air.


Working with the weather is just part of this city and so on this foggy morning, I bundled up Strawberry Blonded in her new Zara Military jacket.  She referred to this new jacket as her ‘lion coat’ due to the fur around the hood and I instantly fell for the gold zipper and snaps.  I grabbed one of her chucky hats from Zara as well to keep her ears warm and her hair out of her face while she ran wild at the beach.

Strawberry Blonded insist on wearing dresses year round so my solution to this request has been tights and leggings.  She also is particular and does not like the feet on traditional tights so I have to find tights with open feet.  Luna Leggings are a great solution to the need for leggings.  They are organic cotton and super warm – not to mention stylish.  Although when we left the house Gjelina had on her fall boots, the moment her feet hit the sand  . . . .  shoes went flying for the opportunity to have sand between her toes.

 //Zara Knit Hat //Zara Parka with Fur //Arrows Luna Leggins //


“Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day in the year” Emerson