final_1Deal of the week 10 for $10 grapefruits!

It is that time of year again, citrus season. My favorite part of citrus season really is fresh squeezed greyhounds as known in our household as “healthys”. There is really nothing more refreshing than fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. When grapefruits are fresh they are a brilliant pink and the citrus scent is intoxicating.  It is a luxury to sip on fresh squeezed greyhounds and at a dollar each,  I will be serving up a Ginger Greyhound for happy hour this weekend.

Ginger Greyhound

Ingredients:   to make a bigger batch – squeeze grapefruits first and store in pitcher.  Nobody can stop at just one!

Grapefruit // Ginger (1” root /peeled) // Lime (wedge) //Rosemary (fresh) // Agave Nectar or simple sugar // Vodka // Ice


Muddle: Ice, ginger, lime wedge, 1” fresh sprig of rosemary

Transfer: remove excess ginger, lime wedge and rosemary sprig and transfer muddle to cocktail grass, add more ice

Pour: 1 shot of vodka on top and add ½ cup of Grapefruit juice. Top off with a teaspoon of Agave Nectar (stir)

 Garnish: Wedge of lime and 6” sprig of fresh rosemary