Having fresh flowers in the house in the winter is really important to me.  They have a way of brighten up the darkest days and the provide memories of warmer days ahead.    During winter when the garden tends to be quiet, the air is humid and few leaves on the trees, and even fewer insects around at this time of year to pollinate flowers. Thus winter flowers are smaller and colors subtle.   It is a great time of year to mix arrangements in smaller vases with larger impact.  This time of year, I look for unique greens to balance out smaller flowers such as cabbage leaves and purple artichokes.


Key to mixing small vases are bottles:

– Start with an odd number of vases/bottles

– Mix the height of bottles and vases

– Pick a color scheme and vary shades (more shades of the same color than new colors)

– Pick 3-5 different types of flowers/foliage

– Assemble each bottle/vase individually with the intent to mix together at the end.  Success can be found in varying heights, colors and mixing up flowers.