final_2It is that time once again where the calendar starts to get booked with holiday parties, dinners parties and school events.  My mom was the type of women who never to show up anywhere empty handed and so the importance of small gifts as a sign of gratitude is just as important to me as a hand written thank you note.

I love the idea of giving something green that will continue to grow and these small succulent tins are great for a kitchen window or even an office.  They are small enough to carry out of the house and will survive long after the Holidays.

succletDIY Succulent Hostess Gifts: 

I suggest making 3-6 of these at once and they can be stored in your house until they are needed.  You can make a large enough batch to carry you though the whole Holiday season if needed.  They only require water once ever week and a bit of sunlight.

Materials Needed:

Spray paint – color based on personal preference

Nail – for holes in the bottom of the tin

Tins – You can use anything from kitchen tins to full planters.  I liked these small planters  Zinc Norah Vases

Leaves & material to tie around the tin (ribbon/burlap rope)

Succulent – I buy my succulent at the SF Flowermart, but Home Depot or Loews has a great selection of succulent.

How to Assemble: 

Remove the tins from the packaging and use small nail to create a few holes in the bottom of the vase so water can drain and succulent will not mold. Spray the tins and while they are drying spray the leaves (I used gold spray paint on my leaves for an extra pop of sparkle).  Once they are dry, plant tins and tie on leave with burlap rope.