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blog_1It was time once again for back to school shopping and this year Strawberry Blonded insisted on picking out her own outfit for the first day of school.  I would throw out suggestions in the store and she would run off in a different direction.  I am so tired of buying her clothes she does not like and battling it out in the morning just getting her dressed.  With the arrival of Sam, I don’t have the energy to have a negotiation first thing in the morning on what she is going to wear out of the house, so I am taking a different approach and letting a this three year old guide her own wardrobe picks.

blog_5 After a few failed attempts we landed at J.Crew for her first day back to school selections.   Within five minutes,  she had thrown off her shoes and had fallen madly in love with the Girls Classic Ballet Flats.   She had to have pink of course and as much as I tried to convince her that gold was more practical, she insisted on the pink.  Funny enough, she loved them so much she actually slept with them in bed the first night we brought them home.  Much like Cinderella and her glass slipper these pink ballet flats make her feel like a princess.

The shoes were a lock, so we had to find an outfit that worked with the shoes and as I threw out several dresses, she rejected all of them. On her own she stumbled across the Dachshund Girls Everyday Leggings.  She thought they were so funny and told me that they ‘match’ her ‘sparkle shoes’.  The ‘sparkle’ on the shoes was not quite enough and she needed to add a bit more shine to top off the outfit and so the Crew Cuts, Girls Color Block Heart Tee was a match for her back to school ensemble.

blog_6Taking photos of Strawberry these days is another challenging, so instead of trying to take the perfect photo before school I decided it would be fun to head out after school for her first photography lesson.  I became her muse and we battled it out to get the perfect picture.  We ended up having a total blast and as you can see bellow she got the hang of it pretty quickly.



G_finalHope everyone had just as much fun as I did this Summer learning to swim, cruising on my scooter, playing with my cousins, growing out my hair for a pony and meeting my new baby broder. It was one for the memory books, but now that it is over it’s time to get ready for school that starts for me next week…five days a week! I traded in my summer swimsuit for some new Fall pieces that will be perfect for the playground.  I love my new borrowed from the boys Varsity logo G Sweater (sweater dress for the girls sold here!) because it stands for my real name Gjelina and looks great worn over my plaid dress (so on trend!) or just back to leggings or denim.

gj pose 1// Gap Checkered Flannel Dress // Gap Varsity Logo Sweater //  Gap horse print leggins (not sold online) //


…love my new Corene Ugg boots for Fall…

GJ pose 2


Bed_1A milestone in Strawberry Blonded life was moving her from her crib to a big girl bed. With Sammy on the way we knew it was time to make the move and so I started hunting for vintage beds. I really loved the look of vintage metal beds that I would see at flea markets and antique shops.

We were going to keep Strawberry Blonded in her small sun-room because we still wanted a queen bed in Sam room for family and guest that stayed at our apartment. The sun room has a beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge, but it is really small and fitting a twin bed in the room had it challenges.

I was on a hunt one Sunday at Urban Ore in Berkley and came across an old frame that I though could have potential. It was in really bad shape, but the bones were solid and so I decided to make the $40 purchase see if I could restore it back to the original glory.

bed_3Process of restoring the bed:

I first washed the mud and removed all of the wheels from the bed (missing a few anyway). Then sanded off the layer of rust and old paint and put a fresh coat of bright Navy spray paint (two coats) on the frame. I found a handyman that did the sanding and painting for $50.00.

Once I saw the headboard all cleaned up, I purchased a twin size metal frame and we drilled holes in the headboard to hold the frame in place. The challenge was that the original frame had a metal piece that used to hold a metal mesh box spring and we tried, but could not remove the metal from the headboard so we had to attach the new frame bellow the metal piece and then find a solution that allowed the bed to be lifted up four inches on all sides.

The solution was to glue new four-inch legs (painted in the same color) to all four corners of the bed so that it would sit level to the ground. We were forced to find a European Box spring a mattress size due to the size of the bed (it was actually a European length and width). I was able to find the perfect size bed at Ikea.

The duvet is Serena and Lily’s meadowlark collection. I thought it had the perfect hint of pink and I knew the birds would be a hit with Strawberry Bonded. I thought the sheets complimented the bright navy of the bed frame and were a great contrast to the duvet. The Haft Moon Sheet Set were also purchased from Serena and Lily.

I am lucky it all came together, it was a bit challenging at times and we defiantly hit a few roadblocks. There were moments when I wanted to throw the whole project away and yet when I tuck Strawberry Blonded in bed every night, I am reminded of the treasure hunt and I have a sense of accomplishment in the transformation of old back to new again.




> TWO MORE WEEKS / August 1, 2014
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final_2I have been debating on posting these photos for the last week. They are such raw and exposed images and I am not used to showing myself in such a public forum. After much internal debate, I finally decided that I actually wanted to share them because Blonded By Style is part of my life and these moments are what my life is all about – my family. We are growing from a party of three to a party of four. We are going to welcome another child into our lives and my heart is so full of love. Strawberry Blonded waits daily with anticipation of a brother or sister and life will once again change – I am counting down the days!

final_3My cousin captured a moment in time with these photos and I am forever grateful because life as we know it will change. I wanted to look back at these moments and remember the innocents and the anticipation for the future. Someday far down the road, I can look back and remember the growing belly, the excitement on Strawberry Blonded face, a deep love for the unborn, the sleepless nights, the hardships of weight gain and the fact that life just continues to move faster and faster. Today, we just sit and wait for this next big adventure with our hearts full of love and excitement.



Watching fireworks on July 3rd is a family tradition that usually starts with an outdoor afternoon BBQ followed by laying out blankets and counting the minutes until the sky turns dark. With the growing number of kids in my life and the late bedtime fireworks show, I am a big fan of bringing a sweet snack for the kids to enjoy while watching the show. Brown Butter Kettle Corn is simple to prepare (15 mins), easy and light to pack and perfect to pass out right before the firework start. I guarantee that it will be gone before the show is over.

Final_1 Brown Butter Kettle Corn (serves 6):


1 stick of unsalted butter

1/2 cup of light brown sugar

8 cups of popped plain popcorn

1 tbs of Sea salt


Coat the bottom of a large pan with vegetable oil and put five kernels of popcorn in the bottom of the pan and close the lid. Turn on stove to high and wait for kernels to start to pop. Once the corn has pop pour 1/2 – 1 cup of pop corn and shake the pot to cover all the corn in oil. Once all of the corn has popped remove it from stove.

In a small sauce pan melt the butter over medium heat until it foams. Add brown sugar and cook until the sugar has dissolved. Pour hot mixture over popcorn and mix together turning the popcorn so that the sugar is distributed evenly and then add sea salt. final_final

Strawberry Blonded’s 4th of July – Checklist:

1. Red Salt Water Sandals // 2. Red Scarf // 3. Sun Glasses // 4. Frilled White dress // 5. White or Red Headband


We are well into cherry season and I can’t help being slightly obsessed with cherries this summer. From my new wallpaper update in the kitchen nook from Serena and Lily, Cherry Wallpaper to a quick cherry dress pick for Strawberry Blonded – I can’t get enough of delicious, gorgeous and healthy cherries.


I could not help snapping a few fun shots of Strawberry Blonded in-front of my new cherry wall last weekend. I ventured into H&M last week in search of a bathing suite (great swimwear) and ended up with a new treat for Strawberry Blonded – a jersey cherry dress. The best part of this dress was not the easy and comfort, but that fact that it came with a price tag of $4.95!! I thought that it would not survive the first wash, but I was wrong it came out of the wash/dryer in great shape. It is defiantly a steal for summer.

This obsession with cherries spilled over into design with my first venture into wallpaper. I decided to start out small and picked a wall off the kitchen to test out this super fun Cherry Wallpaper from Serena and Lily. The greatest part of this wallpaper is that it comes in a few color options: Skyblue, Navy, White and Periwinkle. This wallpaper is great for a nursery, kids bedroom and fun twist to a kitchen nook.

At first I was going to try to apply myself and then I decided to go with a professional just to watch the process – maybe next time I will have the courage to attempt installation myself. I snapped a few shots of the install just as reference and after watching it go up, if you had the right tools it would not be that difficult. My tip after talking to the installer is to use a silicone based adhesive. The installer convinced me that removing this wallpaper would be as simple as installing it.




I spent the weekend with my family in San Diego and loved visiting the beach! I went shopping with Mia and picked out this new Pink Eyelet dress from Gap Kids that was perfect for wearing while getting my toes in the sand and a little wet in the ocean!

Mia also got me a new charm necklace from Jcrew kids because when she saw it she said it made her think of me. My Daddy has been calling me ‘hedgehog’ and I actually want my own as a pet now too. I paired it with my new dress to complete the look!

final_2The waves were big, so Mom made me hold her hand when I got too close. Oh, and I have bangs now for the summer. I cut them all by myself. What do you think!?




> SUMMER SWIM STYLE / May 16, 2014
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‘Too hot Mommy’ (Strawberry Blonded)

As record temperatures have rocked the bay, we are all looking forward to a weekend full of swimming and cooling off from the heat. Strawberry Blonded stocked up on her swimwear for the summer and we wanted to share a few of her favorite swim picks. Number #1 pick for Strawberry Blonded is of course a strawberry bikini from Zara with lot’s of sunscreen!


1. Zara: Strawberry Bikini // 2. Little Marc Jacobs: Ruffel Maillet // 3. Crew Cuts: Stripe Pocket // 4. Little Marc Jacobs: Miss Marc // 5. Armani Junior: Polk-a-dot // 6. Hatley // 7. Crew Cuts: Razor Back Tank // 8. Old Navy

swim_2Enjoy the sunshine and swimming this weekend!



I finally found some cool edgy sneakers that I actually like, but Mom might like them even more than me and wishes they came in her size too! I haven’t learned how to tie my shoes yet, so they are perfect for slipping on myself before taking to the street. They are a great update to my low top go-to Converse I wore until they squished my toes and for this Summer in SF with dresses, jeans or leggings. They come in other fun colors and some have studs for the girl that wants to take even more of a risk!

ash// Ash Studded Buckle High Top Sneakers //A couple months old Toddler Girls Gap Dress //Janie and Jack Bow Headband //




final_1 I went shopping with Mom over the weekend because I needed new shows. I ended up with these fabulous glasses instead and a new pair of shiny sandals. We were heading up to Napa for the day to get out of the city, so I picked out one of my favorite white dresses (100% cotton) and added the scarf for some warmth. final_2

// Janie and Jack Scalloped Sunglasses // Pure Baby 100% White Cotton dress // Kenneth Cole Sandals // old scarf from Zara kids: similar one here //

final_3 Screen Shot 2014-04-07 at 10.13.15 PM