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final_4This look says it all!

If you have not noticed, we have not been serving up new content this January season. I have to admit that January is not my favorite time of the year. I have a habit of burring my head in the sand in January and catching up the latest HBO series, sleeping in late and overall lacking both creativity and motivation. It does not help that the darkness sets in before the end of the workday and my household seems to always be catching one cold after another. This January the days turned into weeks and finally I decided that I had to dig myself out of the darkness (with some help of great friends and family).

I also realized that I need this blog as a creative outlet more than I expected and in-order to get back into the grove I had to find my creativity again after the drain of Holidays and motivate for my own sanity and personal mental well-being.

Strawberry Blonded’s face above summarized my mood this January and I am so happy to say that the smile and creativity has rushed back into my soul. The days are getting longer, the sun is shinning and I am so grateful for the laughter this little one brings me everyday. She cheers up my dark days and I am now ready to embrace 2015.


As my first real post of 2015, I wanted to acknowledge soft shades of color that are trending this early spring. I love the soft pinks that are so neutral they mix with just about everything in your wardrobe. I am especially drawn to the contrast of soft pinks mixed and matched with gray.

I found this wool woven coat at Zara semi-annual sale (sold-out) and loved it as a transitional piece for Strawberry Blonded.

Unfortunately, she thinks it is a bit itchy!

It was effortless to pair this woven coat with her gray moto jeans that she has worn out practically. Her Gray UGG Boots are just too easy to throw on as we walk out the door. Plus she can put them on her self. The best part of these pictures are that she finally has hair long enough for a messy bun (four years in the making).

final+6We made it though January! And we are both smiling. Much more to come in February.




final_5_FRAs we move deeper into January, the weather seems to be getting colder on both the West and East Coast. Coming off our Holiday visit in France and Germany, Strawberry Blonded leaned a valuable lesson  – how to bundle up for the cold weather. While we were abroad the average temperature never drifted above forty degrees. Growing up in San Francisco, this cold snap meant having to layer up every time you left the apartment. This is something new for us and took some practice.  By the third day in France, Strawberry Blonded leaned to embrace the cold weather and layer up with a hat, scarf, wool jacket and leg warmers.  She insisted on getting all bundled up in the hallway (not to get to hot inside) and absolutely fell in love with wearing mittens.  Once she realized that she could be outside and still be warm, she embraced the extra layers and the cold weather.



I have had a difficult time writing this blog post because these shots were taken in Paris at the Luxembourg Gardens. Given the recent terrorist attack in Paris, I am finding it challenging to write about such an amazing place. My heart goes out to the city and the country and I feel especially connected after just visiting Paris a week before the attack.

The day these photos were taken was a beautiful cold winter day in the gardens and the sun was shinning bright.  Strawberry Blonded was recovering from a bad cold most of the trip and it was the first real day that she got back her energy and just wanted to run free. I loved watching her run though the gardens laughing enjoying her Parisian moment. She would run past the camera and yell ‘Merci’!

Accessories: GAP KIDS // Jacket: Janie and Jack // Shoes: UGG Australia


After the gardens we ran into a old carousel that was free to ride, and we all took turns ridding around and around, laughing and snapping photos. Strawberry Bonded could have ridden her horse all day – but eventually we made her get off to get some lunch!

I wish I had more photos to share from this amazing Holiday adventure both in Paris and Germany, but what I found was that I just wanted to live it outside of taking photos and documenting every moment. I wanted to be in the moment and enjoy Paris – the sights, the smell, the art and architecture. It took me thirty-five years to get there and I wanted to selfishly enjoy every second with the family. We walked the city from side to side (15 miles a day), enjoyed the Christmas markets, ate at recommended bistros, climbed the Eiffel Tower and shopped French labels.  It was a magical trip that feels like a dream.




Today, we headed out on another city adventure. We had some old bread and I took the kids out to the waters edge to feed the birds. The cold has settled in as we turn towards the winter months and as most of the county is getting a layer of snow, it is now acceptable in San Francisco to wear a knit hat and a extra warm sweatshirt. As we walked to the edge of the water in search of the right place to feed the birds, we stumbled on old VW Bus, granite pillars and a sandstone ramp. Each of these objects provided entertainment and exploration for Strawberry Blonded and added to the excitement of the adventure.

Location: The end of Yacht Road pass the St. Francis Yacht Club off Marina Greens


Sweatshirts are the new trend and I have been stocking up for the entire family. I saw this sweatshirt at Crewcuts and it made me laugh and feel really old. Luckily, I could still translate this shorthand (cheat sheet at the end of the post), but it did make me think about the future of language and technology and how it will effect my kids. The OMG sweatshirt paired with Strawberry Blonded’s new wax coated jeans. As an added bonus wax coated denim are really warm for the winter months and Strawberry Blonded likes the fact that they were a bit “shinny”. Her hat is her new favorite hat and is fleece lined, I am really hoping that we don’t loose this one and scarf was a gift from a great online boutique called Persnickety. The tag caught my attention because they donate a part of each purchase to a child in need.


Hat: GAP Cable Knit Pom-Pom // Scarf: Persenickety Eternity Scarf //Sweatshirt: Crewcuts OMG Sweatshirt //Jeans: GAP Waxed Coated //Shoes: Glitter Ballet Flats


Just in case you need a bit of translation on the sweatshirt there is the quick guide:

OMG = Oh My God // LOL = Laugh Out Loud // XO = Hugs and Kisses // BFF = Best Friend Forever // BRB = Be Right Back // NP = No Problem // IDK = I Don’t Know // YOLO = You Only Live Once // TTLY = Talk To You Later // :) = Happy Face



It is time to get cozy and we think we have found the ultimate jammies for snuggling up to the fireplace, turning in early for the night with a good movie or an endless stormy Sunday morning over coffee and tee in bed…oh it all sounds just so nice!

double picture 1

Strawberryblonded loves herself a good set of pjs, so it’s important they hold up as toddler and kid pajamas tend to take a beating.  They are washed at least once a week and if you treasure sleep, you want your kids to be as comfortable and snuggy as possible in bed.

I have tried a handful of brands and the Hanna Anderson cotton holds up through thousands of washes. Strawberry Blonded started wearing the Baby Sleepers at three months old and now has moved on to the Long Johns. They also came out with Frozen Pajamas and now I have to beg Strawberry Blonded to not wear them out the door to school. They are a bit more pricy, but hold up the best through the wear and the washing.

I also love the twin pack Long Johns at Mini Boden. The cotton is thick and also holds up in the wash. They do run small and have a pretty large shrink factor so I also size up.

Last, but not least The Gap sleep sets are the best for the value and the cute prints. They are a go-to for me through the growth spurts. While they do not hold up as well as the first two brands above, given the cost and the value they are great to have in the pajama rotation for all ages!


I used to be a old recycled soft t-shirt and random pair of pj bottoms type of girl, but in my older age I have started buying more sleep sets of matching tops and bottoms. My sister has been telling me for awhile to try the Eberjey sets. I finally caved when the weather turned and bought myself this cozy Chic Pj Set and think it’s the most spectacular clothing I have ever slept in! The fabric is so soft and amazing that I have had my eye on these other pieces here, here or here now!

I also love a cozy waffle knit sleep sets and would reccomend sets from PJ Luxe like the knit Salvage Stripe set or the Ski Bunny Fox Print from Wildfox or the Splendid Classic Pj set for buttery soft fabrics that will keep you very warm this winter.

I can’t forget to mention that Gap also has great sleep sets for Women too during the holiday season in flannels (they haven’t hit the store yet) and 100% cottons with cute prints and at a great quality and price. I love this Printed poplin sleep set for on sale now for $36!



Sleep Chip Stripe Pj Set from Eberjey

….a typical morning on Green street looks a lot like this! Strawberryblonded and I have a bad habit of having sleepovers every night I’m in town (which has been a lot this Fall!). She is afraid of the dark, so we have to hold hands all night long! I’m not sure it’s the most restful night sleep with the night antics of her doing the sideways starfish, me waking up with a stuffed animal on my face (there are 12 in the bed) or her asking me to scratch her back, but I look forward to the snuggles and big smile I get from her telling me to wake up every morning!


> EVERYDAY GARDENING / November 5, 2014
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final_1Gardening is a year round excuse to wear rain boots!

The backyard is a perfect place to squish around while watering the plants and rain boots are the perfect accessory to any backyard gardening party. Strawberry Blonded is still stuck in summer and insisting that she continues to wear her summer dresses. I thought a new pair of rain boots might be a great way to transition her into her winter wardrobe and for her to get a bit more excited about the colder months to come. She grabbed the floor model right off the display and of course it was pink Hunter Rain Boots. There was no talking her into anything else! I even tired to to talk her into the same color Hunter Rain Boots with the traditional buckle, but she just insisted that we get knee high socks with bunnies on them. Without much deliberation we walked out with these fun pink boots and knee high socks. I did insisted on buying them a bit big so hopefully we can get to wet seasons out of them.


final_2Summer dresses have been really difficult for Strawberry Blonded to put away; every day it is a full-blown melt down when she can’t rock one of her sleeveless flocks. I am not sure if the issues is that she just had too much fun this summer of if she is always constantly hot. Either way getting her into jeans, sweaters, and long sleeve dresses has been a continual struggle. I get her dressed for school in in appropriate winter attire and the moment she walks back through the door her clothes go flying and it is back to her summer dresses. I fell in love with this jacquard dress on the Zara homepage and thought it might be a good transition piece. It is still a lightweight dress yet it has long sleeves. She actually liked the dress and now it has become a basic in her closet.

Hopefully, we have lots of needed rain this winter and these boots will get a ton of wear.

final_1.2 Jacquard Zara Dress // Hunter Boots



Having two children on my own, while I am out on maternity leave has had moments of real frustration followed by overwhelming sense of accomplishment when both children smile at the same time. This merry-go-round is a constant, moments of control followed only seconds later of total chaos. I am finding that the chaos kicks up a notch after a long morning inside the apartment. So I am always looking for outings, fresh air and a place to let Gjelina run wild. Ocean Beach seemed to be a great solution for a foggy morning. I have always found the ocean breeze calming and living in San Francisco, foggy mornings are just part of what makes this city great. The landscape at Ocean Beach allows kids to kick off their shoes and run along the large sand beach while misty surf spray fills the air.


Working with the weather is just part of this city and so on this foggy morning, I bundled up Strawberry Blonded in her new Zara Military jacket. She referred to this new jacket as her ‘lion coat’ due to the fur around the hood and I instantly fell for the gold zipper and snaps. I grabbed one of her chucky hats from Zara as well to keep her ears warm and her hair out of her face while she ran wild at the beach.

Strawberry Blonded insist on wearing dresses year round so my solution to this request has been tights and leggings. She also is particular and does not like the feet on traditional tights so I have to find tights with open feet. Luna Leggings are a great solution to the need for leggings. They are organic cotton and super warm – not to mention stylish. Although when we left the house Gjelina had on her fall boots, the moment her feet hit the sand . . . . shoes went flying for the opportunity to have sand between her toes.

//Zara Knit Hat //Zara Parka with Fur //Arrows Luna Leggins //


“Write it on your heart that everyday is the best day in the year” Emerson



TutuThe imagination of a three year old is just pure magic. Born in the county and raising children in big city, I am always looking for an outlet, an escape from cars, the noise and the busy streets. A place of wonder where the imagination can run just as fast as little feet can carry it.  I have been taking Gjelina to this field in the Presido season after season and even though it is right past the big city gates it still provides a sanctuary and a place to explore.  Today it was a magic forest as she looked though her handmade DIY  paper glasses at tree fairies and she twirled in her magical pink twill skirt.

TuTU_6This was not a typical outfit for running though the fields, but she wanted to dress like a princess and I convinced her it was a better option than her ‘Sleeping Beauty’ princess dress.  I fell in love with this star sweater at Zara and knew that she would love the pale pink skirt just based on the fact that it was one step down from a tutu.  The shoes are just her “favorite sparkly slippers”.  I finally got her out of her pink sparkle flats by buying her a new pair of gold sparkly slippers.  The best part was that she really did look like a little fairy in a magical forest.


//Zara Gathered Waist Skirt // Zara Star Sweater // J Crew Glitter Ballet Flats //




paint picture

I had a fun afternoon last week after school outside painting with my Mom! She was inspired to make some kinda of homemade street paint with food coloring, corn starch and water that I helped her mix up. We then headed outside in front of my house and painted animals.

gj sittingMom and Mia are all about animal printed anything and everything right now. They have been convincing me these leggings are the ‘bees knees’ since we got them back in August. While I do like them, I am not sure it warrants how many times they make it through my rotation of clothes lately. They told me the wear them with these sweet new quilted hi-tops from Zara (they have the best girls shoes!) and my button down for a dressed up sweatpants look. They told me that dressing up my sweats was another cool thing to do this Fall. I think they are cray cray!

Gj dance

gj feet details

Gap Printed Leggings bought in August // Gap Chambray Shirt // Zara Leather Detail Hi-Tops // Gap Cat Headband

GJ faces

 …I picked out my own headband by myself with the ears while shopping with Mia!…

Gj posing

 Oh and this paint washed off the ground really easy…I helped Mom with the clean up!

gj painting kneeling



There is something about have a two-month-old baby and a three year old that makes me very forgetful. It could also have to do with not getting more than three hours of continuous sleep in the last eight weeks. Anyway, for whatever reason remembering my house keys while running out the door with two kids is of the biggest challenges I face everyday. Last week I locked myself out of the house twice! Once is acceptable, but the second was just flat out embarrassing.

During the forty-five minutes that I was locked outside the door, I revised a plan that would help me remember my keys every time I left the house – A new keychain. The idea of a new key chain brought forward an opportunity for a fun DIY project.

Need Supplies:

Farm Animals or any type of animal, monster or dinosaur (Gjelina has a ton of these small farm animals around the house and if you do not have them than you can buy them at any toy store. I picked these up at the local toy store for $2) | Gold Spray Paint | 5/54” drill bit | Screw Eyes | Key Ring | Keys


DIY: Animal Key Chains

1. Wash the animals to make sure there is no dirt or sticky material on them –

2. Spray them (let dry for 12 hours). Two coats will make the gold deeper and richer –

3. Drill a starter hole with drill bit –

4. Add the Screw eye and twist until it is fully lodged in the animal –

5. Add key ring and keys –





Mia bought me these new grey Moto jeans from Gap. She told me grey was trending this Fall and that if I wore this moto style they would make me faster on my scooter, so I went for it! Since my pink sparkle flats are my favorite right now and they basically look good with everything I added them to my look for a bit of unexpected sparkle!

On my way up to Grandma’s house for the weekend, Mom took me to see San Francisco from the other side. I thought it was really cool, but so windy that it made my hair crazy! Good thing I had my pullover sweatshirt to keep me warm from Mini Boden!

IMG_9200Gap Moto Skinny Jeans // Mini Boden Printed Sweatshirt // Gap Chambray Shirt // J crew Girl Glitter Ballet flats // strawberry hair color…they aren’t sure!

IMG_9186Hope everyone is having a good week and looking forward to their weekend. If you have never seen the Golden Gate bridge this lookout point on the other side of the city is the best! I’m so happy my mama took me to see it!

IMG_9201 IMG_9274