final_5_FRAs we move deeper into January, the weather seems to be getting colder on both the West and East Coast. Coming off our Holiday visit in France and Germany, Strawberry Blonded leaned a valuable lesson  – how to bundle up for the cold weather. While we were abroad the average temperature never drifted above forty degrees. Growing up in San Francisco, this cold snap meant having to layer up every time you left the apartment. This is something new for us and took some practice.  By the third day in France, Strawberry Blonded leaned to embrace the cold weather and layer up with a hat, scarf, wool jacket and leg warmers.  She insisted on getting all bundled up in the hallway (not to get to hot inside) and absolutely fell in love with wearing mittens.  Once she realized that she could be outside and still be warm, she embraced the extra layers and the cold weather.



I have had a difficult time writing this blog post because these shots were taken in Paris at the Luxembourg Gardens. Given the recent terrorist attack in Paris, I am finding it challenging to write about such an amazing place. My heart goes out to the city and the country and I feel especially connected after just visiting Paris a week before the attack.

The day these photos were taken was a beautiful cold winter day in the gardens and the sun was shinning bright.  Strawberry Blonded was recovering from a bad cold most of the trip and it was the first real day that she got back her energy and just wanted to run free. I loved watching her run though the gardens laughing enjoying her Parisian moment. She would run past the camera and yell ‘Merci’!

Accessories: GAP KIDS // Jacket: Janie and Jack // Shoes: UGG Australia


After the gardens we ran into a old carousel that was free to ride, and we all took turns ridding around and around, laughing and snapping photos. Strawberry Bonded could have ridden her horse all day – but eventually we made her get off to get some lunch!

I wish I had more photos to share from this amazing Holiday adventure both in Paris and Germany, but what I found was that I just wanted to live it outside of taking photos and documenting every moment. I wanted to be in the moment and enjoy Paris – the sights, the smell, the art and architecture. It took me thirty-five years to get there and I wanted to selfishly enjoy every second with the family. We walked the city from side to side (15 miles a day), enjoyed the Christmas markets, ate at recommended bistros, climbed the Eiffel Tower and shopped French labels.  It was a magical trip that feels like a dream.