There is something about have a two-month-old baby and a three year old that makes me very forgetful.  It could also have to do with not getting more than three hours of continuous sleep in the last eight weeks.  Anyway, for whatever reason remembering my house keys while running out the door with two kids is of the biggest challenges I face everyday.  Last week I locked myself out of the house twice!  Once is acceptable, but the second was just flat out embarrassing.

During the forty-five minutes that I was locked outside the door, I revised a plan that would help me remember my keys every time I left the house – A new keychain.  The idea of a  new key chain brought forward an opportunity for a fun DIY project.

Need Supplies:

Farm Animals or any type of animal, monster or dinosaur (Gjelina has a ton of these small farm animals around the house and if you do not have them than you can buy them at any toy store.  I picked these up at the local toy store for $2)  |  Gold Spray Paint  |  5/54” drill bit  |  Screw Eyes  |  Key Ring  |  Keys


DIY: Animal Key Chains

1.  Wash the animals to make sure there is no dirt or sticky material on them –

2.  Spray them (let dry for 12 hours).  Two coats will make the gold deeper and richer –

3.  Drill a starter hole with drill bit –

4.  Add the Screw eye and twist until it is fully lodged in the animal –

5.  Add key ring and keys –