February 4, 2015

final_4This look says it all!

If you have not noticed, we have not been serving up new content this January season. I have to admit that January is not my favorite time of the year. I have a habit of burring my head in the sand in January and catching up the latest HBO series, sleeping in late and overall lacking both creativity and motivation. It does not help that the darkness sets in before the end of the workday and my household seems to always be catching one cold after another. This January the days turned into weeks and finally I decided that I had to dig myself out of the darkness (with some help of great friends and family).

I also realized that I need this blog as a creative outlet more than I expected and in-order to get back into the grove I had to find my creativity again after the drain of Holidays and motivate for my own sanity and personal mental well-being.

Strawberry Blonded’s face above summarized my mood this January and I am so happy to say that the smile and creativity has rushed back into my soul. The days are getting longer, the sun is shinning and I am so grateful for the laughter this little one brings me everyday. She cheers up my dark days and I am now ready to embrace 2015.


As my first real post of 2015, I wanted to acknowledge soft shades of color that are trending this early spring. I love the soft pinks that are so neutral they mix with just about everything in your wardrobe. I am especially drawn to the contrast of soft pinks mixed and matched with gray.

I found this wool woven coat at Zara semi-annual sale (sold-out) and loved it as a transitional piece for Strawberry Blonded.

Unfortunately, she thinks it is a bit itchy!

It was effortless to pair this woven coat with her gray moto jeans that she has worn out practically. Her Gray UGG Boots are just too easy to throw on as we walk out the door. Plus she can put them on her self. The best part of these pictures are that she finally has hair long enough for a messy bun (four years in the making).

final+6We made it though January! And we are both smiling. Much more to come in February.




> GINGER GREYHOUND / February 4, 2015
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final_1Deal of the week 10 for $10 grapefruits!

It is that time of year again, citrus season. My favorite part of citrus season really is fresh squeezed greyhounds as known in our household as “healthys”. There is really nothing more refreshing than fresh squeezed grapefruit juice. When grapefruits are fresh they are a brilliant pink and the citrus scent is intoxicating. It is a luxury to sip on fresh squeezed greyhounds and at a dollar each, I will be serving up a Ginger Greyhound for happy hour this weekend.

Ginger Greyhound

Ingredients: to make a bigger batch – squeeze grapefruits first and store in pitcher. Nobody can stop at just one!

Grapefruit // Ginger (1” root /peeled) // Lime (wedge) //Rosemary (fresh) // Agave Nectar or simple sugar // Vodka // Ice


Muddle: Ice, ginger, lime wedge, 1” fresh sprig of rosemary

Transfer: remove excess ginger, lime wedge and rosemary sprig and transfer muddle to cocktail grass, add more ice

Pour: 1 shot of vodka on top and add ½ cup of Grapefruit juice. Top off with a teaspoon of Agave Nectar (stir)

Garnish: Wedge of lime and 6” sprig of fresh rosemary



> NEW GOODS ON ESTY / February 4, 2015
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final_1We have finally updated our Etsy Site with a few new designs for Spring. We are constantly adding new items so if you don’t see anything that fits your needs today – check back. You can also shoot us a email and place an order directly from us.