December 4, 2014
> HOMEMADE: MARSHMALLOWS / December 4, 2014
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final_2_marshmelloIt has been raining all week, so I decided that I would get a jump-start on cooking some holiday treats. Let it be known that baking is not my strength in the kitchen. I have been reading up on homemade treats for the Holidays and marshmallows keep coming to the front of my list. I also just received my Fine Cooking magazine, which highlighted a marshmallows recipe so I decided to embark on this new cooking adventure.

These fluffy, delicate beauties will amaze you. I am obsessed with the success from my first batch of homemade marshmallows and I am looking at ways I can incorporate them into other baked goods such as cupcakes with marshmallow frosting, Hot Coco toppers, smores, homemade rocky road ice-cream and caramallows. They were so much fun to bake and they were finished in less than 30 minutes. You don’t even have to turn your oven on and they taste like nothing I have ever had and certainly not like a store bought marshmallow.

Marshmallows are fun share with your family and friends and despite their airy consistency, they are surprisingly sturdy, stored in an airtight, dry place they can last up to a month which makes them a great homemade gift idea!

Strawberry Blonded loved helping out with this kitchen fun recipe almost as she liked stealing a taste of the marshmallow fluff before it went into the pan.


Vanilla Marshmallows


¾ cup of convection sugar

¼ cup of cornstarch

Cooking Spray

Mix together sugar and cornstarch. This mixture is just for coating the greased pan and the marshmallows. This will prevent the marshmallow from stick together (coat the bottom, top and side of pan // top of mixture //and used once marshmallows are cut). Cooking spray is to coat the pan before you add the sugar and to coat the knife when cutting into your marshmallow.

1 box of unflavored gelatin (usually includes four ¼ oz packets of gelatin)

Pre-mix 4 – ¼ oz packets of gelatin with 3/4 cup of water and let sit for at least five minutes. Do this before you start on your syrup.


2 ¾ cups of sugar

¾ cup of light corn syrup

½ cup of water

candy thermometer

Mix all of these ingredients in a 2-3 quart saucepan and put on high heat. This mixture will start to boil. You will be heating this syrup up to 250 F.


Combine and Whip:

2 egg whites

2 tbs vanilla

In a mixer or using a hand mixer whip the two egg whites (4-6 mins) on medium speed. You can start whipping when the syrup reaches 240 F and then when the syrup reaches 250 F slowly add the syrup to the egg whites whipping at medium speed. Once all syrup is added it is time to start adding the gelatin, which is now hard and lumpy. You slowly add piece-by-piece of gelatin broken into small lumps. Once it is all incorporated, beat the marshmallow at an high speed for another six minutes. You will notice that the marshmallow is now thick and triple in volume. Add vanilla.

Pour the marshmallow into your pan and let sit for at least three hours or preferably overnight. If the sides have been greased and sugared the marshmallow will pop out by cutting the sides and flipping the pan. Cut the marshmallow as desired and sugar each side to prevent sticking.


Coming up tomorrow – adding homemade marshmallows to the best Hot Coco receipt and great holiday gift ideas for these treats!



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