Thanksgiving is just over a week away and my kitchen has turned into a test kitchen for the perfect side dishes this Thanksgiving. With two kids, I need fast and easy receipts without sacrificing flavor and goodness. Truth be told, my mom was always in charge of the stuffing and it was not my favorite dish at Thanksgiving. First I am not a huge celery fan and second she added nuts. That being said I am a huge sourdough lover and so when we came across this bag of sourdough stuffing at Costco, I had to bring it home and test it out. To my delight the receipt on the back was easy and simple and delicious. I added my own topper (cranberries and pinenuts) to mix it up a bit and add a touch of color. Not only will I be cooking this stuffing for Thanksgiving, I will be gifting this bag of Boudin San Francisco to all my friends this Thanksgiving.

stuffingNote that this bag of Boudin Sourdough Stuffing is only available at Costco for a short selling season!