Holiday parties are just one part of what make the Holidays so special.  The weekends get booked out in advance and filled with friends, family, food and Holiday cheer.  I always bulk up on my hostess gifts this time a year because I never like arriving to a party empty handed.

For gift wrapping ideas –  tie on fresh rosemary from the garden (shown) or gold and silver holiday bells.   Red and white waxed twine or burlap mixed with washi tape and fun gift tags are all that these gifts need.


Instead of giving a tradition bottle of wine, why not give a bottle of olive oil that will be used long after the party is over.   Decorative soaps are perfect for a powder room or guest bathroom.  Seasonal dishtowels from Anthropologie also make great gifts that are thoughtful and affordable.    I have been testing out several different holiday candles the last few weeks and although traditionally around this time I swap my kitchen candle out for spiced pumpkin scents – this year the Oatmeal Cookie Candle by Boulangerie is the gift that I will be giving (it smells like you just walked into a bakery full of freshly cooked cookies).

Here is a short list of gift suggestions that will be sure to get you invited again next year!