It is time to get cozy and we think we have found the ultimate jammies for snuggling up to the fireplace, turning in early for the night with a good movie or an endless stormy Sunday morning over coffee and tee in bed…oh it all sounds just so nice!

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Strawberryblonded loves herself a good set of pjs, so it’s important they hold up as toddler and kid pajamas tend to take a beating.  They are washed at least once a week and if you treasure sleep, you want your kids to be as comfortable and snuggy as possible in bed.

I have tried a handful of brands and the Hanna Anderson cotton holds up through thousands of washes. Strawberry Blonded started wearing the Baby Sleepers at three months old and now has moved on to the Long Johns. They also came out with Frozen Pajamas and now I have to beg Strawberry Blonded to not wear them out the door to school. They are a bit more pricy, but hold up the best through the wear and the washing.

I also love the twin pack Long Johns at Mini Boden. The cotton is thick and also holds up in the wash. They do run small and have a pretty large shrink factor so I also size up.

Last, but not least The Gap sleep sets are the best for the value and the cute prints. They are a go-to for me through the growth spurts. While they do not hold up as well as the first two brands above, given the cost and the value they are great to have in the pajama rotation for all ages!


I used to be a old recycled soft t-shirt and random pair of pj bottoms type of girl, but in my older age I have started buying more sleep sets of matching tops and bottoms. My sister has been telling me for awhile to try the Eberjey sets. I finally caved when the weather turned and bought myself this cozy Chic Pj Set and think it’s the most spectacular clothing I have ever slept in! The fabric is so soft and amazing that I have had my eye on these other pieces here, here or here now!

I also love a cozy waffle knit sleep sets and would reccomend sets from PJ Luxe like the knit Salvage Stripe set or the Ski Bunny Fox Print from Wildfox or the Splendid Classic Pj set for buttery soft fabrics that will keep you very warm this winter.

I can’t forget to mention that Gap also has great sleep sets for Women too during the holiday season in flannels (they haven’t hit the store yet) and 100% cottons with cute prints and at a great quality and price. I love this Printed poplin sleep set for on sale now for $36!



Sleep Chip Stripe Pj Set from Eberjey

….a typical morning on Green street looks a lot like this! Strawberryblonded and I have a bad habit of having sleepovers every night I’m in town (which has been a lot this Fall!). She is afraid of the dark, so we have to hold hands all night long! I’m not sure it’s the most restful night sleep with the night antics of her doing the sideways starfish, me waking up with a stuffed animal on my face (there are 12 in the bed) or her asking me to scratch her back, but I look forward to the snuggles and big smile I get from her telling me to wake up every morning!