final_1Gardening is a year round excuse to wear rain boots!

The backyard is a perfect place to squish around while watering the plants and rain boots are the perfect accessory to any backyard gardening party. Strawberry Blonded is still stuck in summer and insisting that she continues to wear her summer dresses. I thought a new pair of rain boots might be a great way to transition her into her winter wardrobe and for her to get a bit more excited about the colder months to come. She grabbed the floor model right off the display and of course it was pink Hunter Rain Boots. There was no talking her into anything else! I even tired to to talk her into the same color Hunter Rain Boots with the traditional buckle, but she just insisted that we get knee high socks with bunnies on them. Without much deliberation we walked out with these fun pink boots and knee high socks. I did insisted on buying them a bit big so hopefully we can get to wet seasons out of them.


final_2Summer dresses have been really difficult for Strawberry Blonded to put away; every day it is a full-blown melt down when she can’t rock one of her sleeveless flocks. I am not sure if the issues is that she just had too much fun this summer of if she is always constantly hot. Either way getting her into jeans, sweaters, and long sleeve dresses has been a continual struggle. I get her dressed for school in in appropriate winter attire and the moment she walks back through the door her clothes go flying and it is back to her summer dresses. I fell in love with this jacquard dress on the Zara homepage and thought it might be a good transition piece. It is still a lightweight dress yet it has long sleeves. She actually liked the dress and now it has become a basic in her closet.

Hopefully, we have lots of needed rain this winter and these boots will get a ton of wear.

final_1.2 Jacquard Zara Dress // Hunter Boots