Trick or Treat!

I volunteered to bring treats to Strawberry Blonded class for her Halloween party. Carmel apples have always been “my” treat growing up and when I saw a photo of mini caramel apple bites I thought that those were worth a test in the kitchen. Truth be told, I have never made caramel and I want to make it as Holiday gifts so I thought this cooking project would be a great place to start perfecting my caramels for the Holidays and a fun idea for a Halloween party.


Embarking on making caramel turned out to be really fun – I was shocked at how easy it was once I got the candy thermometer ($5 from the grocery store). And dipping these apples into chocolate, nuts and sprinkles was a great project for Strawberry Blonded. Cooking the caramel mixture was is a bit dangerous for kids because of the heat factor!

Quick tips on this receipt: Make sure apples are dry before dipping and they have the sticks inserted before you start dipping so that the caramel sticks on the apples. If there is moisture the caramel will slide off. Have dipping ready to go and everything stationed so that once the caramel is ready the dipping can start. You can make apple bites these ahead of time and refrigerate, but be sure to serve at room temperature.