TutuThe imagination of a three year old is just pure magic. Born in the county and raising children in big city, I am always looking for an outlet, an escape from cars, the noise and the busy streets. A place of wonder where the imagination can run just as fast as little feet can carry it.  I have been taking Gjelina to this field in the Presido season after season and even though it is right past the big city gates it still provides a sanctuary and a place to explore.  Today it was a magic forest as she looked though her handmade DIY  paper glasses at tree fairies and she twirled in her magical pink twill skirt.

TuTU_6This was not a typical outfit for running though the fields, but she wanted to dress like a princess and I convinced her it was a better option than her ‘Sleeping Beauty’ princess dress.  I fell in love with this star sweater at Zara and knew that she would love the pale pink skirt just based on the fact that it was one step down from a tutu.  The shoes are just her “favorite sparkly slippers”.  I finally got her out of her pink sparkle flats by buying her a new pair of gold sparkly slippers.  The best part was that she really did look like a little fairy in a magical forest.


//Zara Gathered Waist Skirt // Zara Star Sweater // J Crew Glitter Ballet Flats //