September 24, 2014



Mia bought me these new grey Moto jeans from Gap. She told me grey was trending this Fall and that if I wore this moto style they would make me faster on my scooter, so I went for it! Since my pink sparkle flats are my favorite right now and they basically look good with everything I added them to my look for a bit of unexpected sparkle!

On my way up to Grandma’s house for the weekend, Mom took me to see San Francisco from the other side. I thought it was really cool, but so windy that it made my hair crazy! Good thing I had my pullover sweatshirt to keep me warm from Mini Boden!

IMG_9200Gap Moto Skinny Jeans // Mini Boden Printed Sweatshirt // Gap Chambray Shirt // J crew Girl Glitter Ballet flats // strawberry hair color…they aren’t sure!

IMG_9186Hope everyone is having a good week and looking forward to their weekend. If you have never seen the Golden Gate bridge this lookout point on the other side of the city is the best! I’m so happy my mama took me to see it!

IMG_9201 IMG_9274



I have been making jewelry off and on for the last eight years and six months ago I started to find these beautiful quartz and agate stones. I love to layer my necklaces and these large pendants offered a pop of color and length to my accessory collection. I became obsessed with finding the perfect color and size stones. After I had a few in my collection, I started to give them out to friends for birthdays and other occasions. The friends that had received them requested more of them to give as gifts and we started getting inquires about selling them.


After request started coming in and we saw a trend in the jewelry market for stones and crystals, we decided to launch a small Etsy shop. Today the Blonded By Style Esty shop is open! We will be constantly updating the shop with jewelry and other handmade gems. If you do not see a color and chain combination that you fancy, you can always email us for a personalized order.

This is only the beginning and we look forward to building out the Blonded By Style Esty shop.