I bought two Hemnes bedside tables from Ikea ($69.99) for our guest bedroom. These tables were an affordable option as far as bedside tables go, but I never really liked the knobs or the hardware. After looking at them for over a year, I decided it was time to give them a fresh look and so I ventured down the hardware store and bought two cans of spray paint and new pull drawer hardware. The supplies cost me under $20 and with a few extra hours on a Saturday afternoon my bedside tables have taken on the new look of sophistication.


DYI Project: IKEA Hack Nightstand

  1. Assemble the bedside table
  2. Remove the drawer face
  3. Spray paint the tables the desired color (dark midnight shown). I would suggest two coats. Make sure the first coat is just a light spray or you will have dripping or bubbling. I would also suggest getting a spray paint with a primer included or priming them first. Also allow 12 hours for paint to fully dry.
  4. Drill in new holes for hardwear (only if hardwer select needs two holes instead of one). If you go with just a knob update than you can use the same hole.
  5. Assemble the table and place in bedroom!