Bed_1A milestone in Strawberry Blonded life was moving her from her crib to a big girl bed. With Sammy on the way we knew it was time to make the move and so I started hunting for vintage beds. I really loved the look of vintage metal beds that I would see at flea markets and antique shops.

We were going to keep Strawberry Blonded in her small sun-room because we still wanted a queen bed in Sam room for family and guest that stayed at our apartment. The sun room has a beautiful view of the Golden Gate bridge, but it is really small and fitting a twin bed in the room had it challenges.

I was on a hunt one Sunday at Urban Ore in Berkley and came across an old frame that I though could have potential. It was in really bad shape, but the bones were solid and so I decided to make the $40 purchase see if I could restore it back to the original glory.

bed_3Process of restoring the bed:

I first washed the mud and removed all of the wheels from the bed (missing a few anyway). Then sanded off the layer of rust and old paint and put a fresh coat of bright Navy spray paint (two coats) on the frame. I found a handyman that did the sanding and painting for $50.00.

Once I saw the headboard all cleaned up, I purchased a twin size metal frame and we drilled holes in the headboard to hold the frame in place. The challenge was that the original frame had a metal piece that used to hold a metal mesh box spring and we tried, but could not remove the metal from the headboard so we had to attach the new frame bellow the metal piece and then find a solution that allowed the bed to be lifted up four inches on all sides.

The solution was to glue new four-inch legs (painted in the same color) to all four corners of the bed so that it would sit level to the ground. We were forced to find a European Box spring a mattress size due to the size of the bed (it was actually a European length and width). I was able to find the perfect size bed at Ikea.

The duvet is Serena and Lily’s meadowlark collection. I thought it had the perfect hint of pink and I knew the birds would be a hit with Strawberry Bonded. I thought the sheets complimented the bright navy of the bed frame and were a great contrast to the duvet. The Haft Moon Sheet Set were also purchased from Serena and Lily.

I am lucky it all came together, it was a bit challenging at times and we defiantly hit a few roadblocks. There were moments when I wanted to throw the whole project away and yet when I tuck Strawberry Blonded in bed every night, I am reminded of the treasure hunt and I have a sense of accomplishment in the transformation of old back to new again.