January 15, 2014


It is a milestone day, when your child moves out of their crib and into a bed. The New Year, brings so many changes and as Gjelina turns three in April outgrowing her crib is a right of passage. She could not be more excited about a big girl bed and I look at this transformation with a bit of sadness and nostalgia.

Although, this change brings a bit of sadness, I can’t help getting excited about the room re-fresh and I am checking all my options before I make any big decisions. Living in a apartment keeps us close and space is a premium, it is a bit like solving a giant puzzle every time we update a room. Gjelina has never been a traditional girl and so going the pink route was not an option. I decided that I wanted to play in arena of navy, white and pop yellow. Clean, crisp and fun loving just like her bright spirit .

Bed: Jenny Lind Bed, Land of Nod

Sheets: New School Yellow Dot Sheet Set, Land of Nod

Pillowcase: Not a Peep Bedding, Land of Nod

You Are Beautiful: Gus and Lula

Paint swatches: Navy and White, Serna and Lily

Toy Chest: 3 Sprouts Zebra

Throw Pillow: Zig, Zag Pop, Jonathan Adler

Chair: Hogsten, Ikea

I am open to suggestions, if you have any great ideas – please pass them my way! I will keep you posted on the progress of the room. We are shooting to have it finished by April as an early Birthday present.




travel hero


Since I spent 4 months in Europe last year and am here for another 4 now people always ask, what is your favorite place you have been? In terms of spectacular mind blowing mountains, great skiing and unique from any place I’ve ever been before, my answer is always Wengen, Switzerland. I am here for a week and loving every minute!

Located an hour and a half from Zurich, only accessible by train and famous for being nestled at the base of the Eiger (pictured below), this city sits on the edge of a cliff that drops into a deep valley and is surrounded by dramatic mountains. Since visitors can not drive up to it, the only cars in the town is a larger version of a golf cart and to access most the skiing you have to ride the train up to the top of the mountain or get on a tram in the center of town!  It doesn’t take long to walk from one side of the city to the other, so all hotels are practically ski in and ski out! I am staying at the Beausite Park Hotel, which I was told is where they filmed the Robert Redford movie Downhill Racer in 1969! I haven’t seen it yet, but here it is a good flick.


All of the skiing is located to the left of the Eiger pictured above and is great for all levels. In the summer the Eiger is a big attraction for mountain climbers and hikers. I would love to come back here in the Summer months, from all the pictures it looks even more spectacular with lush green pastures and snow capped mountains.

travel5If you come to ski, but want to take a day off, the train goes all the way up through the mountains to the tippy top known as ‘The Top of The World‘. I haven’t been able to do it because it has been snowing, but if the weather clears this week I am jumping on the train immediately, so I can share some pictures!

aderboden_finalIf you want to see what I was wearing to stay warm in Wengen go to the post, The Necessary Puffer!